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Dylan O’Brien for Vanity Fair 

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Dylan O’Brien and Tyler Hoechlin at Alpha Con

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"I don’t, y’know, I don’t fuck around. I wanna learn, I’m there to absorb. I still think directing’s far off for me. I wanna feel ready. ‘Cause, also, a thing I’ve observed is I… I don’t approve of a director who’s completely inexperienced and doesn’t know what he’s doing. [Laughs] So, I don’t wanna be that guy." - Dylan O’Brien at NYCC 2013 [x]

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"Dylan O’Brien pulls off a very difficult physical transition between scared teenage Stiles and the Stiles that is possessed by an evil Japanese demon. It was interesting last week, but much more impressive in this episode. Evil Stiles walks differently, holds his jaw differently, makes different expressions, looks much more confident and dare I say dangerous, and it’s really an impressive bit of physical work from the young actor. Even his line delivery is different than it is as Stiles. It’s some impressive stuff, and proof again that O’Brien is the best actor on the show, and one of the best young actors on television right now."  -

- A Review of 'Riddled' by Ron Hogan at Den of Geek. x (via alphalewolf)